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A Modest Proposal on Freedom of Speech

There are a couple interesting tests of our National love of Freedom of Speech on my radar screen this week. They’re remarkably similar, but my reaction to them is viscerally different, so I thought them worth comparing: First, there’s the tale of a professor at a University of Wisconsin outpost who got called down for […]

A long-overdue update…

When last we checked in on Our Hero, he was taking a sabbatical after a long and bumpy startup ride and had lots of plans and ideas for his newly-found spare time. ┬áResults were mixed, largely because consulting work started finding me almost immediately. At the same time, we were flirting with perhaps picking up […]

WFAA's weather WTF

We had a BIG storm last night here in the DFW area. While there were tornadoes and hail damage and some injuries, our area managed to come out fairly well. That said, it was the scariest storm situation I can remember in the last ten years in Dallas. It was the first time we’d ever […]

The value of interlocking services (managing information overload revisited)

One of the all-time most popular posts on this blog was lengthy discussion of the tools I used to manage information overload, circa 2009. Obviously there are lots of new services since then, and hardware like the iPad yielded changes in my workflow. I’ve been meaning to do an updated version of that post, but […]

The Schieffer Symposium on the News (and my first test of Storify)

I went to yesterday’s Schieffer Symposium on the News at TCU and found myself involuntarily Tweeting. So, I thought I’d see how it looked to cover an event (mostly) by Tweet. After the jump, a Storify embed: