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Again, it's all about precision

I’ve been saying for some time that while there’s a sea change in content and distribution, the real mind-blowers are coming in terms of changes to traditional advertising models. Exhibit: "Our ratings, ourselves" from todays NYT Magazine. Ostensibly about changes in Nielsen measurements, but touches on the core issues of precision in advertising. Some key […]

Pitter patterRainy-day bullets

BBDO exec: Mobiles to replace TV as prime ad medium. Yet one of the industry’s pioneers urges caustion.    I’m joining the cool kids– I finally got a Skype account and it seems to work great. Jonesing to test it some more, so "Skype me" at: mikeorren. If I like it over the next few […]

Newspaper wars, ca. 2005

Fun article in this week’s New Yorker about the ongoing spat between the News and the Post. The catalyst was an error in the News’ reader sweepstakes: A plaintiff’s lawyer, Steven Gildin, addressed the crowd as his partners handed out business cards. “How can a company that publishes information make mistakes?” he said. (The Post, […]

Defining 2.0

There’s a hodgepodge post on Jay Rosen’s blog that contains a nice start on a succinct definition for Journalism 2.0: In Journalism 2.0 (the way I explain it to myself) the People Formerly Known as the Audience, safely considered "consumers" during one era, are more involved in production. Interactivity makes daily journalism into a better, […]

The players

Paul Bass sent me a good synopsis of various citizens/hyperlocal projects. The list at The Media Center is also comprehensive, but this one (in the continuation) provides some detail on the varying business and content models for newcomers to the whole concept. UPDATE: Ken Sands also has an overview and is impatient with the MSM’s […]

Down (under) but not out

Last week I mentioned the seeming obsolescence of certain types of vendors that serve the print industry. Mark Fletcher, who runs a News Agency (think Newsstand company) in Australia is thinking ahead and blogging about such things: In Australia around 90% of newspapers are sold through newsagencies – a channel of 4,600 retail and distribution […]

Pleased to meet you –Hope you guessed our names

A (hopefully) anticlimactic bit of housekeeping: Our Little Venture has moved beyond the stealth phase, as four of our key leaders are now full-time Pegasi. We’ve actually been "out of the closet" for about a month, but haven’t really been sure how to de-stealthify without making an unduly big deal out of it. In fact, […]


So, several months ago, I started hearing folks — non-media-savvy folks, mind you — asking why newspapers couldn’t be more precise in their ad pricing. Why can’t you charge the same way Google does, where I only pay for the clicks? The demand was for something tangible and precise, something that couldn’t be fudged. Or […]

Faster, looser, cheaper

Having capriciously recommended it to a couple of our team members, I’m finally getting around to reading Michael Wolff’s Autumn of the Moguls, in anticipation of a talk he’s giving in Dallas later this month. My wife just handed me an article he wrote for last month’s Vanity Fair (not online). Although it’s about the […]