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Archive for June 2012

Stream of consciousness June 30th

RT @WickedGood: Wait, Instagram and Foursquare are both down? You mean people will actually have to type words into Twitter? By hand? LI … Checked in at Nosh Euro Bistro SO needed this. (@ Nosh Euro Bistro) [pic]: http://t.co/CJJEFcQD Checked in at The Prophet Bar Bethan. (@ The Prophet Bar) http://t.co/nmmifqpr

Stream of consciousness June 29th

Listened to 10 songs. Old 97’s – No Baby I The Kentucky Headhunters – Just Another Night Level 42 – Hot Water – Live UJ3Rk5 – Eisenhower and the Hippies Danny Noie – It Ain’t A Big Thing Girl Talk – Run This Motherfucker Rene Hall Sextette – Blowin’ Awhile Maria McKee – If Love […]

Stream of consciousness June 28th

Heh. Beyond silly. Barely finished. “@pergam: Just caught up on The Newsroom — and that’s EXACTLY how it happens. “It’s gone to red!”” After 17 Texas summers, I don’t even notice heat anymore. I just doff my asbestos hat at Old Scratch as I cross magma river on way to work. RT @rhettmiller: Was there […]

Stream of consciousness June 27th

No matter how small, the first deal closed always feels great. The question du jour: http://t.co/HbbgBce8 First, Johah Lehrer, now Aaron Sorkin: http://t.co/iP7a4Mhu! Quite something. 😉 If, like I recently have, you find yourself needing to work on a Mac with distinct Dropbox accounts, you’ll like this: http://t.co/MybRbaJA In my experience, most unimportant but unsolvable […]

Stream of consciousness June 26th

Predicted in my #etcdallas talk: “@jweb: First hints of a Facebook ad network: Sponsored Stories appear on Zynga http://t.co/TZgsZKml” Can’t believe no one has jumped on my old Macbook Pro. Filled with apps, cheap. $75 off for any twitter follower: http://t.co/9EY9ardc RT @BorowitzReport: At the end of every ad, candidates should be required to say […]

Stream of consciousness June 25th

Checked in at Emerging Tech Conference Keynotin’ (@ Emerging Tech Conference) http://t.co/YcnDyk7s Checked in at Waffle House My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Nina Simone (28), The Black Keys (16) & Neil Young & Crazy Horse (11) http://t.co/IQA9FAfJ Listened to 85 songs. Hindu Love Gods – I’m a One Woman Man Rose Royce – Love Don’t […]

Stream of consciousness June 24th

Checked in at Grapevine Convention Center Rolling in late to #etcdallas w/ @crydecker; @seanthinks speaking knowledge to a nearly-full house. http://t.co/0dnRZZb4 Quoth @seanthinks: “You can argue with me all day… but I’m right.” #ETCDallas cc: @garyhooker Thanks to @seanthinks example today, I don’t have to be afraid of cursing in my talk at #ETCDallas tomorrow. […]

Stream of consciousness June 23rd

Bookmarked How Pinterest is driving results for the Food Network If you don’t like the new Neil Young / Crazy Horse, then you hate America, puppies, bacon and sweet baby Jesus: http://t.co/4UsIjg6m Very insightful from @DanBlank: Lessons of Seth Godin’s Kickstarter: http://t.co/Pps6soWs Listened to 29 songs. Aretha Franklin – Nobody Knows The Way I Feel […]

Stream of consciousness June 22nd

Checked in at Starbucks Storm, meet port. (@ Starbucks w/ 3 others) http://t.co/rkikxy2q Great night’s sleep. Crazy dream @markbriggs kept me out late drinking, plotting an olympiad’s worth of speaking engagements as vacations. Just seamlessly printed from iPad to new office printer on first try. I may be a warlock. Sell franchises. Not entirely kidding: […]

Stream of consciousness June 21st

Bookmarked Letter to Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered. | The Trichordist Checked in at Temporary Secret Bunker Selling my Macbook Pro. Cheap. Will give an extra $75 off to any friend or follower: http://t.co/9EY9ardc Checked in at The Cedars Social Listened to 69 songs. Railroad Earth – My Sisters and Brothers Todd Snider […]

Stream of consciousness June 20th

Thought @FoundersCard pricy, but saved > membership on one Apple order. Referral code FCMIKE867 for discount: https://t.co/eKPMc64O RT @etcdallas: RT! 30 New Media Leaders Under One Roof! @seanthinks @pattyfarmer @aj_wood @stephinge @mikeorren Regiser :http://t.co/wtg … Checked in at Genghis Grill RT @mattgibstein: @mikeorren how much ya save? and on what? RT @etcdallas: RT! #etcdallas is […]