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New feature: Today's news, via Spotify

New feature: Today's news, via Spotify

If you follow me on any of the various Interweb medias, you know that I am thrilled, amazed by, in love with, excited about and generally mesmerized by Spotify. At first brush it’s a music player and streaming service that, with a premium membership, puts the bulk of even my 50,000 tracks in reach of my mobile devices without having to tote around a terabyte of storage.

But it’s more. Music’s already a social art, but it makes it easy to share and compare tunes and playlists with friends over social media. You can collaborate on lists. You can listen to what your friends listen to, or as I’m finding, search out songs that come to mind as a result of seeing others’ sometimes unrelated suggestions.

I’m finding myself mulling additional possibilities and uses for the technology, so I’m going to try a little experiment:

Each weekday, I’m going to make a Spotify playlist based on the news and events of the day and post it here. What’s “news” in this context? I don’t exactly know, but I think it’s whatever’s interesting or important to me, plus maybe some layups from the watercooler news of the day. For starters, I’m going to leave it open to collaboration so others can add and post about their tracks in the comments if they like. The music selections might hint at my tastes, but adherence to the theme is the primary goal. I will, however, try to branch into lesser known but excellent cover choices where possible (See today’s “Light My Fire.”)

I may eventually make it a game– guess the story from the song — but for starters, here’s today’s news I can use and the tunes to get me through:

Spotify news playlist for 7/15/11

  • “The Wizard Turns On” by The Flaming Lips (Harry Potter finale)
  • “Light My Fire” by Isaac Hayes (Ignite Dallas is tonight)
  • Clowny Clown Clown” by Crispin Glover (We’re going to see him perform at The Texas Theater)
  • “Traffic Jam” by James Taylor (Carmaggedon in LA)
  • “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell (News of the World Wiretaps– Sadly, Don Henley’s Dirty Laundry wasn’t available.)
  • “Magic Power” by Triumph (Spotify launches, and a reference to my recent music milestone post.)
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