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Stream o' consciousness…

Stream o' consciousness…

7 entries for December 30th:

generic (feed #7) 1:17pm What newspaper history says about newspaper future. – By Jack Shafer – Slate Magazine
generic (feed #6) 2:14pm And now for an inspirational DFW high school football story: Square Pegs
googlereader (feed #8) 2:40pm 2008: The Year That Was
googlereader (feed #8) 3:31pm PHOTO: Now that’s advertising. Leather Creations Furniture.
facebook (feed #2) 6:08pm Mike is ready for a cocktail or seven; some dinner; and some rawk.
lastfm (feed #4) 6:36pm Scrobbled 37 songs on Last.fm. (Show Details)

generic (feed #7) 6:36pm STUFF JOURNALISTS LIKE

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